§ Administrator: Refers to Express Systems, Inc., 25541 Commercentre Dr., Ste. 100, Lake Forest, CA 92630, 800-705-4001.

§ Warrantor / We / Us / Our: Refers to Dent Defense Group, Inc., 1108 Willow Pass Court, Concord, CA 94520, 855-364-4646.

§ Protection Product Warranty / Warranty: Refers to the Limited Warranty that has been provided to You, for no consideration, with the purchase of a Protection Product. This Limited Warranty is subject to all terms & conditions stated in this Warranty form.  

§ Warranty Term: You are covered under this Warranty from the Product Date of Sale for as long as You own and operate Your Vehicle.

§ Customer / You / Your: Refers to the Registered Customer listed under the Customer Information section on Page 1 of this Warranty.

§ Covered Vehicle / Vehicle: Refers to the vehicle that is listed under the Covered Vehicle Information section on Page 1 of this Warranty.

§ Original Battery: Refers to the battery installed in Your Vehicle by the vehicle manufacturer or Issuing Dealership, at the time of sale of the Vehicle.

ForeverStart Battery Protection

We guarantee that upon installation of the ForeverStart Battery Protection to the battery of Your Vehicle, the product will prevent corrosion and parasitic amperage draw to the battery by protecting all surfaces from corrosion-causing acid fumes, allowing it to function normally for as long as You own Your Vehicle. If during the Warranty Term, the Vehicle’s battery is determined to test bad (voltage is 10.0 or less) or will not hold a charge, We will provide a replacement battery per the terms and conditions of this Warranty. This Warranty provides coverage up to $250 per battery replacement for the Warranty Term. All batteries must be tested before being replaced. Replacement batteries will be of the same type as the Original Battery and will be covered for the remainder of the Warranty Term.

ForeverStart Eligibility: Eligible vehicles include non-commercial, on-road use, private passenger cars, vans, SUV’s, or light duty trucks with a MSRP of $300,000 or less. Vehicles must be two (2) model years old or less and have less than 24,000 miles on the odometer.

ForeverStart Exclusions: This Warranty does not cover; (1) Battery hold-downs not used properly or not torqued per the BCI Service Manual recommendations, leading to excessive battery vibration or battery damage due to over torque; (2) Low electrolyte levels for batteries which require maintenance; (3) Accelerated corrosion/low electrolyte level due to exposure to excessive temperatures; (4) Batteries that have been refilled with any substance besides distilled water that may have contaminated the battery; (5) Batteries not maintained at a sufficient state of charge during periods of both in-vehicle and out of vehicle storage; (6) Batteries that have been subjected to excessive out of vehicle charging or to an uncontrolled in-vehicle charging system (i.e. faulty alternator); (7) Batteries that have been physically damaged including a cracked, punctured, or deformed battery case or cover; broken or severely damaged battery terminals; (8) Batteries with damaged terminals due to loose, inadequate or high resistance connections; (9) Batteries with loose or missing vents (non-sealed designs); (10) Batteries that have been installed and operated in reverse in vehicle, leading to reverse battery polarity; (11) Improper battery box or insufficient protection from the elements (i.e. rain, snow, or ice); (12) Batteries that have been operated in an application that it was not designed and/or marketed to support (e.g. Standard SLI batteries that are used in cycling applications); (13) Customizations to vehicle with aftermarket accessories or equipment, components and systems not installed by the manufacturer that may cause additional drain on the battery, including but not limited to: anti-theft systems, radar detectors, CB radios, radio/speaker equipment, cruise control, sunroof, solar powered devices, telephones, TV/VCR/DVD and related components, and appliances; (14) Hybrid, electric, secondary and any auxiliary vehicle batteries; (15) Any batteries that have been removed from the vehicle; (16) Any battery that has been damaged due to user error, abuse, or neglect; (17) Any battery that was not treated with the ForeverStart Battery Protection Product.

ForeverStart Jump-Start Assistance

With the purchase and installation of the ForeverStart Battery Protection product, this Warranty provides a maximum of two (2) Jump-Starts in the event Your Vehicle will not start due to a defective battery, for as long as You own Your Vehicle. Jump-Start Assistance is offered through MBS Road America on a complimentary basis. Resale or transfer of these benefits is prohibited. Any roadside assistance coverage held by You, whether offered by the vehicle manufacturer or a third-party motor club, must be used before ForeverStart Jump-Start Assistance benefits are provided. If You request ForeverStart Jump-Start Assistance, and it’s determined that Your concern is not covered under this Warranty, You will be responsible for the cost of the service call. If Mobile Battery Replacement is performed as a result of a ForeverStart Jump-Start Assistance Call, services rendered will count as one (1) Jump-Start Service. Reimbursement claims made by consumers who have called a generic service provider instead of the Jump-Start Assistance Toll-Free Number listed below, are not authorized, not valid and will not be honored. In the event MBS Road America does not service Your area, You may submit a claim for consideration of reimbursement, not to exceed $60.00. Information must be mailed within thirty (30) days of the roadside assistance service to: Dent Defense Group, Attn: ForeverStart Battery Reimbursement 1108 Willow Pass Ct. Concord, CA 94520. Any reimbursement request received after thirty (30) days will not be honored. Please allow 45 days for processing. Dent Defense Group, DentPro and Mobile Battery Solutions are not responsible for mail lost or damaged by the postal service. ForeverStart Jump-Start Assistance Services are provided by independent service providers established through the Road America Motor Club. As such, the Dent Defense Group, Mobile Battery Solutions, and Road America Motor club are not liable for services performed by those independent service providers. ForeverStart Jump-Start Assistance is only available when the ForeverStart Battery Protection product has been purchased and properly applied to the battery of Your Vehicle.

ForeverKey Key Protection

We guarantee that upon activation of the ForeverKey Key Protection Device (“Device”), and as long as the Device battery has been properly replaced annually as described below, the Device will assist in recovering your lost keys for as long as you own Your Vehicle. If during the Warranty Term, Your Vehicle keys are lost and you are unable to recover Your keys with the Device, We will replace your key/key fob per the terms and conditions of this Warranty. This Warranty covers (1) key/key fob replacement per 12-month period, not to exceed $500 per replacement claim.

ForeverKey Eligibility: Eligible vehicles include non-commercial, on-road use, private passenger cars, vans, SUV’s, or light duty trucks with a MSRP of $300,000 or less. Vehicles must be ten (10) model years old or less.

ForeverKey Exclusions: This Warranty does not cover; (1) Any key replacement made without the Administrator’s prior authorization; (2) Any cost or key replacement for which the manufacturer has announced its responsibility through any means, including public recalls or factory service bulletins; (3) Any replacement cost covered by a repairer’s / supplier’s guarantee or warranty; (4) Any key replacement for a vehicle not listed as the Covered Vehicle on page 1 of this Warranty; (5) Any consequential damages or loss, whether direct or otherwise, resulting from the failure or loss of a Covered Vehicle key; (6) Any key replacement occurring outside the United States or Canada; (7) Any key replacement where the Device battery has not been properly replaced annually; (8) Any key replacement where the Device was not in working order or in use at the time of loss.



ForeverKey Mailing and Activation Instructions

You must follow the below instructions in order to receive and activate your ForeverKey Key Protection Device:

1.      You must follow the registration instructions on the certificate issued by the Issuing Dealer.

2.      Visit www.foreverkeyregistration.com to locate your contract and register.

3.      You will then be prompted to download the tracking application for your phone. Download the app and pair your device when it arrives in the mail.

4.      If you do not receive a certificate from the dealer, please call 925-288-8900 to verify your mailing address.

5.      Your ForeverKey Key Protection Device will be shipped directly to Your residence within 10 days of completion. If you do not complete the process within 15 days from purchase, Your device will be shipped to the address You provided to the Issuing Dealer. 

6.      Device must be in working order and in use at time of key loss.

ForeverKey No Cost Annual Battery Replacement Procedures

Your ForeverKey Key Protection Device battery needs to be replaced annually. Your app will notify You when the battery needs to be replaced. Simply follow the in-app instructions and a replacement battery will be sent to You at no cost. 

General Warranty Exclusions

This Warranty does not cover; (1) Repairs or replacements made without prior authorization from Administrator; (2) Any replacement for other than the Covered Vehicle; (3) Ineligible vehicles, (4) Any failure which is covered by the contract holder’s primary insurance coverage, vehicle service contract, repairers/suppliers guarantee or warranty, or manufacturer’s warranty or recall or factory service bulletin; (5) Any consequential loss or damage whatsoever, including loss, damage or injury to person or property resulting from the failure of any of the parts of the vehicle described herein, the replacement of which are covered under the terms of this contract; (6) Delays of performance due to labor dispute, strike, shortages, civil commotion, war or war like acts (terrorism, insurrection, rebellion, revolution, nuclear radiation or radioactive contamination), hail, flood, acts of God or other causes beyond our control; (7) Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lotus, May Bach, Rolls Royce, all other exotic vehicles, and any vehicle with a MSRP exceeding $300,000; (8) Any pre-existing damage, conditions or wear.

What to Do If You Have a Claim or Questions

A.     ForeverStart Battery Claims: In the event You require battery testing and potential replacement, contact Us at 855-364-4646 for prior authorization and to initiate the claims process. We will schedule an appointment for testing and potential replacement to be performed at the Issuing Dealership.

B.     ForeverKey Key Replacement Claims: In the event You require key or key fob replacement, contact Us at 855-364-4646 for prior authorization and to initiate the claims process. You will need to provide a screenshot of the app showing the last known location of Your key or key fob. Claims for keys or key fobs must be submitted within 30 days of date of loss. Date will be determined by the date of last know location displayed in the app. 

C.     Jump-Start Assistance: In the event You require Jump-Start Assistance, call 855-663-7747 for 24-hour service. In the case that MBS Road America does not service Your area, please see Jump-Start Assistance Terms above.

Claims are not subject to a deductible. We will not use remanufactured or used replacement parts. All approved claims will be submitted directly to the Issuing Dealership or the entity on the repair invoice if repairs were performed outside the Issuing Dealership.

Disclaimer and Limitation of Warranties


B.      Limitations on how long an implied warranty will last or the exclusion of incidental or consequential damages are applicable by state, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you.

C.     This Limited Warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights that vary from State to State.

D.     No representative, employee, dealer, or agent of Express Systems, Inc. or Dent Defense, is authorized to alter, extend, amend or modify the Limited Warranty whatsoever.

This Limited Warranty is non-transferable and non-cancellable as it has been provided to You for no consideration, in connection with the purchase of a Protection Product.